Week 7 Summary

This week we went back to doing audio assignment and having a radio focus. This really helped my group and I get a jump start on radio show material and and what we wanted to produce as well as the feel we wanted it to have. What was really cool to see this week is each of our own promotional material that we put in a shared google doc. It all had the same (and I hate to say this word but) vibe. We chose to name our radio show Tubular Tunes and other ds106 antics and I think the “Tubular Tunes” portion of our title really gave us a good feeling of what we should center our work around for the week.

What I continue to learn is that audio production is a little less my forte than say design, but I still enjoyed being able to create our own sound this week.

So! Here’s what we have, I made some…. radio promo material:

Shared my radio show progress:

Completed maybe a few more than 10 stars of assignments (I forgot I did one of them and accidentally did another assignment too oh well)

Created 3 daily creates

And commented too…

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