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This week I worked with part of my group from my radio show and we produced a video that analyzed a few of our favorite 80’s movie clips. I of course analyzed Bladerunner again because of my love for it, but we also looked at The Shining and Ghostbusters. I know i’ll disappoint many when I say that no, I had not watched either The Shining or Ghostbusters before and to be completely honest I probably won’t watch them in full still. Sorry, not sorry, I am who I am.

It was though, very interesting to look at some of our favorite elements of these movies and to be able to give conversational commentary as they were playing. To produce this video we actually used the Production Booth in the HCC! This was my very first time in my 4 years that I had even been in that room so it was exciting and new 🙂

I actually found the production of the video and the editing itself to be fairly easy! The only problem we had was that when we went to upload the final product it was too big to upload to Youtube without being a verified account and Vimeo required a subscription paid for for a video post at that size. So, to circumnavigate, we put the video on Google drive.

Anyone with a link can access it! Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DSoBlAxbM_ATZyUjAvyU-dI0Zi9OKcs7/view?usp=sharing

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