Tubular Tunes logo

For the DS106 radio show I made a logo with our name on it.

I LOVE this logo I’m so happy I made it just because it’s cute and I like the colors. We decided to call our show “tubular tunes and other ds106 antics” because we liked the word play and alliteration on top of the 80’s lingo that we used.

The waves in the back are supposed to signify music coming out of the cassette tape.

For this I used Canva.com which provided me with the wave design but I made the cassette tape using shapes on canva and also used text over top of the wave to show our title.

I also used Canva to create this promo poster for the radio show!

This will not be the only promo material we make (and I’ll continue to add to my posts with other promo material) but I really like the design of these.

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