When I was brainstorming ideas I first came up with the idea that I wanted to create a radio show similar to a made up one in the TV show Parks and Recreation. The show was really funny to me because the radio show hosts spoke slowly and softly and played soft jazz. It was made to be looked at as being presented to a certain audience within the TV shows community. The host plays off of the idea that radio shows can be abstract and vague. Just the general way the show was presented was funny to me.

BUT upon reading the brainstorm assignment section again I realized that I had to create a show related to our 80’s theme (grr). So, I began to think about other radio shows or shows in general that I know from the 80’s or that presented 80’s pop culture ideas. The next thing I thought of was rage. rage is similar to MTV from the 80’s except that it never really adapted its look to the “modern day” like MTV did. Rage is an all night Australian music program that first aired in 1987 and is still on today. I watched it a few times when I was abroad in Sydney this last semester. It seemed otherworldly to me when I first watched it but its the kind of program that sucks you in with its weirdness. I had joked with friends that Australia felt like its pop culture was “stuck” in the late 80’s early 90’s (this had to do just with what was generally popular and how people dressed). I just turned on the TV one night and this image below was presented on my TV with the whisper *rage*

I was SO confused.

What was “rage” and why did I feel like I had just time traveled? I kept watching as the program played music videos from all different times. They had old music and brand new music, there was no commonality between the songs they played other than that they all were played under this one program (It is now about to turn 30 years old and will be the longest running music video program in Australian history!!)

The interesting thing about this program is that there was no actual talk show attached. Because of this, I wondered what it would sound like.

For my radio show, if I were to use this idea, I would base it off of the video above and the theme that seems to present.

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