Radio Show Progress

So my group and I have made progress on ideas for the show, what we want to include, promotional material, and an idea of how we want the show to sound.

We’re thinking of reviewing music that sounds very 80’s and then having short discussion talking clips about what we think it sounds 80’s. So this short clip could be one of the group members particularly playing a sound effect from the song and then explaining how it sounds more 80’s than it does music now. This could be any sound that stand out to us or an affect.

We made some promotional material that fit the name of our radio show in a theme of “wavy” or “tubular” sounds. On the logo and the poster there are waves coming out of a cassette tape. On the poster we also used typewriter font and graphics that looked like tape holding the logo up on the poster.

I wrote up a blog post here about the promo material I made on

We also created a google doc to compile all of our notes together about the radio show. Currently, we have talking topics and are making a list of songs we want to include in the radio show.

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    1. Thank you! This is actually really helpful since I’m talking about some of the drum sounds in a few songs for our radio show 🙂

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