Radio Show progress #2

So my group and I have been continuing to make god progress on our radio show and are finishing recording and editing it today! I’m really excited to hear the final project. Each of us has made our own bumpers and ads and have decided on a group how we want our radio show to be structured. What might actually develop may be a little bit different than our plan but it’s all part of the process! We’ll make edits along the way today.

What we talked about doing was each choosing one or two songs that we thought sounded 80’s-esque or were from the 80’s and pointing out particular sounds that we loved from the song that made it feel “80’s.” Then, we would talk about each song and what made us feel that way about it, including specific sounds to focus on.

What we planned, after compiling all of our talking points, is that we would have a radio show that compiled our different favorite sounds and explanations of them. For my section I had already completed a few radio bumpers and an ad and I also chose two songs: “She Works Out Too Much” by MGMT and “Country Girl” by Boy Hersher

We plan on editing our radio show with Audacity so that we can take certain clips from the songs and emphasize them.

While I was expecting this project to take a lot of work (and I am still assuming it will be editing it tonight) it has been enjoyable to do. I loved sharing some of my favorite songs and cool sounds as well as explaining what I like most about them. I feel like I can talk conversationally into my phone and record a talking point that is genuine to how I feel instead of feeling as though I am reading a script to an audience.

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