Radio listening

I tuned in to “80’s Brain cells that you forgot about.” What I really liked about it was that the group did a more conversational/ podcast radioshow. It was super easy listening and I really liked the format of it in part because it was so different than what my group did. A lot of the members were speaking unscripted too which was so nice and genuine.

They talked through 80’s genres of movies and types of movies and I particularly like their talk about the movie “16 Candles.” I’ve never seen this movie but there are soooooooo many questionable parts of this movie that we would absolutely not see in movies today.

What was especially entertaining were the ads though. There was specifically a Kool-aid ad that was so funny to me, the background music was perfect, the tone in which each person spoke, the ad for a “beige flavor” all was so great.

I also loved having the opportunity to tweet along with the show and comment and ask questions. It was great having the radio show group on twitter to ask them questions and comment along with them.

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