Radio bumper fun

For this audio assignment I created radio bumpers for my radio show!

I made a previous radio show bumper for DS106 radio and I really enjoyed the end product. I found that the radio bumper I liked the most was the type with a bit of sound or music behind my voice.

For the bumpers I created below, I also used a song in one: “Stay Flo” by Solange. I used just the very beginning of the song before she begins but I liked the sounds in this song and they were perfect to lay my voice over top of.

In creating this I first evaluated which part of the song was going to be the best for me to use. After establishing that it was the beginning, I then recorded my voice and overlaid my voice memo on top of the recording. I was able to do this all in voice memos.

For my other radio show bumped I wanted to do something a little bit more creative so I played sounds from to mimic a phone ringing and then a voicemail memo of myself. I also included a free sound of the voicemail beep.

This was is bit more fun to produce but was a bit more work because it included the manipulation of the sound of the phone ringing as well as the voicemail beep with my message in between them.

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