My relationship with my Cannon

I love photography, always have always will. I think that even before I took any photography classes I was always on family vacations trying to take pictures of the environment around me. I’m very much the type of person who wants to save the moment and I feel by taking pictures I can look back at them and try to reflect on where I was, how I felt, and what was going on in my life at the time. Because of this I also have a lot of pictures on my phone and I always have an extremely difficult time deleting old picture or parting ways with pictures because I guess I feel like if I delete the picture, I am also deleting the memory.

I used to look though photo albums my family kept and would try to imagine the time in which they were taken. Even if I wasn’t in them, I’ve always found them important in some way.

In high school I took 3 photography classes and began with a class that taught me all about film photography. I took photos on a film camera, developed my own film and practically lived int the dark room that year. My second year of photography class was all digital photography which was something I was more used to, that year I lived in a world of Photoshop, dodging and burning and adding layers upon layers to all my artwork. At this point I was just having fun and getting used to digital photography on my laptop instead of just on my phone. My last year of classes I took and AP Photography course which required me to submit a portfolio for grading at the end of the year. I actually submitted my artwork to a scholastic competition and won a silver medal as well 🙂

BUT all of my work was printed and I don’t have digital copies to upload to this post 🙁

Concluding, I’ve had quite the experience with photography but since I have been out of high school for a while now, I find myself needing to re-improve my Photoshop skills. For this It just takes some practice to get my feet back under me.

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  1. That’s super cool that you learned to develop film! I’ve always read about it and heard about it from friends and it sounds so cool-even though it’s a long process. That’s amazing 😀 I’ve always thought that developing in a dark room gives it a richer feel, though I’ve never made any myself (just seen my friends’ works).

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