Final proj brainstorming

I really enjoyed doing the radioshow and something that I was thinking about for the final project was that I would love to do a podcast episode with a group. BUT considering we already did something very similar with an audio focus I was thinking about what other things we could do to incorporate more skills.

Two YouTubers I watch, Ethan and Hila Klein, host H3H3 podcast on Youtube and iTunes. What they do on Youtube is similar to what Joe Rogan does and Podcast But Outside does and what I’m sure a lot of other entertainers do. They record video along with their podcast and create a show that has multiple aspects to it.

I think a final project idea like this would be awesome. It would give us recording experience as well as video experience and I think it would also be pretty fun. You could make the show 80’s related just as we did with the radio shows and it would also give people the creativity flexibility to create something they wanted!

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