Daily create story

In combining my daily creates for the week I thought I would actually take the first daily create I did for the week and combine my other two answers from other daily creates into it.

For the first we have truths and lies:

Second I had my inner self…

and then I had my fridge…

So i decided to joke upon the three

Truths and a lie:

  1. I am the breeze flowing in the are carelessly swaying the leaves beneath me
  2. I need to grocery shop because no one human being can survive off of maybe 1 apple, two cartons of eggs, a lot of Silk almond milk, and a cheese drawer.
  3. I have two different color eyes.

My first truth (or partial truth) is my self image and how I sometimes feel like the breeze that I described in my second daily create. My second truth is that I need to go grocery shopping because frankly I just do and I’ve been putting it off. And my one lie is that I have two different colored eyes… I don’t.

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