Final weekly summary!

This week was allllll about the final. My tubular tunes group and I got together and completed a video, audio, and design project about 80’s TV shows, fashion, and historical events.

What was great about doing this project was that we continued to grow on the skills we used for the radio show and for our other video assignments. Editing was much easier this time around now that we knew what were doing a little more!

Here is the final video portion:

Here is the collage of 80’s fashion:

and here’s our audio portion:

We used the recording studio in the HCC again for this project. With this final, we did a bit extra individual work that we combined into the big final. We each found an event to talk about, a TV show to talk about, and created a section of the collage. It was fun to talk about our different thoughts on the things we chose. What was also very evident is a presentation of the same themes in what we talked about. Particularly we highlighted the theme of young, attractive, people just “having fun”. It seemed like this “having fun” theme was something that people were really looking to hold onto in the 80’s. It was fun to talk about where some of the actors, from the TV shows we looked at, are now and what fashions are coming back- like scrunchies!!

I continue to think that while video editing may not be he most difficult, it is definitely the most time consuming. Getting the video just write and cut in the right places is tricky and requires attention to detail. You also have to be aware of how you look on screen! Audio is a bit easier because that aspect isn’t there. Overall though I like I will always like design editing the most.

Thanks for tuning in!!

Weekly Summary 12

For this week we did mashups and remixes! Here are a little over 10 stars worth of assignments:

Here are two remixes:

here are daily creates:

Week 9 Summary

For this week we tuned into the radio shows that our peers created. I really loved being able to listen to everyone work and see how each person took the assignment. I particularly interacted with the group from “80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About” on Twitter while listening to their radio show. I reviewed my thoughts about it here…

I also brainstormed some final project ideas and put them in a blog post here…

Also, I revised two previous assignments. One was a visual assignment that I revised for fun since I wanted to try using other visual editing styles. The other I actually revised because I wanted to use the skills I had enhanced while using audacity for my radio show. During this process though, one of my songs actually got copyright claimed on Soundcloud and I had to navigate around that.

And then I made a tiny story through my daily creates:

And then I commented

Weekly Summary 8

This week we focused on finishing up the radio show! Here it is below:

I also shared my progress on it before we completed it, which can be found in a blog post here:

I created 2 daily creates

And commented…

Week 7 Summary

This week we went back to doing audio assignment and having a radio focus. This really helped my group and I get a jump start on radio show material and and what we wanted to produce as well as the feel we wanted it to have. What was really cool to see this week is each of our own promotional material that we put in a shared google doc. It all had the same (and I hate to say this word but) vibe. We chose to name our radio show Tubular Tunes and other ds106 antics and I think the “Tubular Tunes” portion of our title really gave us a good feeling of what we should center our work around for the week.

What I continue to learn is that audio production is a little less my forte than say design, but I still enjoyed being able to create our own sound this week.

So! Here’s what we have, I made some…. radio promo material:

Shared my radio show progress:

Completed maybe a few more than 10 stars of assignments (I forgot I did one of them and accidentally did another assignment too oh well)

Created 3 daily creates

And commented too…

Weekly Summary 5

This week was all about audio! We recorded edited and told and listened to stories through sound and sound effects. I’ve always been someone who uses their words and prefers stories with a long narrative and so these assignments were refreshing changes (especially the ones where I couldn’t use words!)

What I found is that it is going to take some more time for me to become truly comfortable with Audacity and that I need to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone to not only think of interesting narrative ideas, but follow through with them using a variety of sound effects to enhance the process.

I reflected on Moon Graffiti and Jad Abumrad’s videos here…

……created a radio bumper……

I tweeted along with the radio show:

I completed the following assignments:

I brainstormed radio show ideas…

Completed 3 daily creates…

And commented on a few posts…

Week 4 Summary

This week was all about visual assignments and I began the week by reflecting on my past photography experiences. Here is my blog post about it, “My Relationship with my Cannon.”

I also read the assigned reading and reflected on both the types of pictures the 80’s highlighted and elements used in 80’s photography comparing it to my own photography. This blog post, “Phototelling” explains all of that!

I completed a bit more the 12 stars of assignments this week which are embedded here:

And I also commented on other students blogs within the class and a few daily creates!

For my own daily creates, I tweeted 3…

What I thought was the most tasking assignment this week was the Photoblitz! While it was creative and made me think outside the box, I have never done a Photoblitz before and it took a second for me to get the hang of it.

Weekly Summary 3

This week was all about writing and thank god! I am a writer. I really enjoyed everything I wrote about. I never find it too hard coming up with things to write about anyway. The thing I found the most difficult though was when I completed an assignment that limited my word choice. While I love writing, I don’t like it to challenge me- I use it more as a form of escape. The website limited my word choice to use only the top 1000 most frequent words. Very hard, take a look:

I also completed two other assignments which were a bit easier because I wrote more freely:

The last assignment I completed was a haiku which I talked about being a bit difficult in the assignment post. I had to look up the rules of a haiku (which I googled!)

I commented/ interacted with a few posts:

I also tweeted daily create’s this week, embedded below, and found it a bit difficult to do them daily. On one day the daily create prompt website was not working for me but what I also found was different was that last week completing daily creates was easier for me because I could tweet about things I understood like music and daily experiences. Because I did not grow up in the 80’s I feel like I don’t have a daily experience or as intimate an experience with 80’s culture as someone who lived though it.

Lastly here’s my story analysis I also completed this week!

Weekly Summary 2

This week was full of work as we got into the first real assignments of the semester. I had a lot of fun creating them BUT at first I messed up. I completed 3 assignments from one section “Visual Assignments” instead of one from 3 different sections. OOPS. Well, after a little extra work, you live and learn.

Some were easier than others… particularly my “How short is too short?” written assignment. For this I was able just to use my writing skills and imagination. This was more of a creative activity because I needed to figure out what I wanted to say and who I wanted to feature. I remembered an event that was small yet comforting for me and chose to write about that. I find that it’s easiest to write from the heart as if you are the only one in your audience.

The tweet to accompany it came naturally. I used some colloquial twitter patters such as “2” instead of “too” or “to” and then used the #asktwitter at the end which is a popular hashtag on twitter where users ask the general twitter population an opinion about a certain thing.

For my visual assignment, I completed a movie barcode. I found the movie barcode to be the most fun because I focused on Bladerunner 2049, the sequel to the 80’s Bladerunner 2019; my favorite movie. The colors from the movie are my favorite and so the movie barcode really gave me the opportunity to isolate them.

Lastly I made a voicemail mimicking Veronica from Heathers. This was so funny to work on because I watched the movie pretty recently and it’s iconic! I love the slang they use and tried to incorporate it into the voicemail.

While my domain is already personalized, I did add in one of my favorite memes into my tagline. You can find my short blog note here about it. Hint:

I also completed four #dailycreates on Twitter which were nice smaller activities to keep me interacting with digital storytelling everyday!

And I commented on a few things…

Overall a lot of work but all enjoyable too.