Lemon Milk Screamo Remix

For this remix visual assignment I remixed this assignment with this parental advisory remix card.

This was actually really fun to make because I was able to mess around with edits on a picture of my brother and I. I made the saturation levels very high and I sharpened the image. I messed with a lot of different settings on the photo through using Adobe Light Room.

I also added the parental advisory label and the album title, Lemon Milk. I assumed my parents wouldn’t be too happy with my brother and I creating an explicit music album.

Super motivational

So for this anti-motivational poster design assignment I created an 80’s themed poster. For the background I used a vague scifi pink and purple plane. These are such common backgrounds for posters from the 80’s I feel like they’re used entirely as jokes now.

What I liked about this assignment though is that it was counter-motivational which was so funny to make.

I used Pic Collage for the background and font.

Cool lettering

For this design assignment I used a cool background font and design to write my name. I use Pic Collage for this because I wanted to add a background and a design of my own.

I put a black background up and then put my name in white blocked letters. I liked the contrast and simplicity of the black and white. I then drew abstract leaves on a vine and pink dots as petals. This was more just for a design effect that I liked.

This was pretty simple and I enjoyed they way it looked!

Find! Martha’s! Hat!

For this “Find Martha’s Hat” design assignment I made a poster to help Martha find her hat. I’ve made it extremely clear that everyone needs to be looking for Martha’s hat and that if they find it they need to find Martha and give it to her. We hope that Martha’s hat can be found and that we can resolve the Martha hat problem immediately.

If you or anyone you know have seen Martha’s hat, tell Martha immediately.

I used Pic Collage for this assignment and had a laugh too.

Greetings from!

For this post card design assignment I created a post card from New Zealand. I was so very fortunate to have been in New Zealand last semester and so I was able to use one of my own pictures from my own collection.

The photo I selected was from the Rob Roy Glacier hiking trail that my boyfriend and I visited while in Queenstown. There was a wire bridge over a river that was the beginning to the trail. It was beautiful and gave such a good representation of the nature in New Zealand.

I used the font that I did because it reminded me of the font that the study abroad agency used for all of their promotional material. I also used a blurry background behind the picture because I just liked it- to me it just gave me that “post card” feeling.

I used Pic Collage which is an app for iPhone.


For this design assignment, I created a Memeoji. This is an emoji based through iPhone based on how you look. You’re supposed to be able then to send certain expressions and use your own face as a type of emoji.

I first made one that I thought looked as close to myself as I could get. As a frame of reference, I’ve mimicked the first memoji gesture so we can see how I compare.

Here are some of the other gestures:

To bring our theme into this assignment I decided then to switch up the look of my memeoji to show what I would look like as an 80’s styled emoji. For this I gave myself poofed hair, bright makeup, and I also tried to give myself hoop earrings which you actually cant see because of how poofy my hair is!