Half and Half: Revised

So for revising assignments for this week I chose to go back to one assignment that I did not use Audacity for before, and use Audacity now.

I’m much more comfortable with Audacity now that we’ve completed the Radio Show. My group and I have lots of time and practice playing around with Audacity which helped a lot in my understanding of transitions and flow. In my previous assignment the switch back and forth only occurred once and it was choppy so my goal in revising it was to make it flow better and to change back and forth between the two a bit more.

The original assignment is here…. and below is my revision.

Half and Half

For this audio assignment called “going halfsies” was really fun to do considering I immediately knew what song I wanted to do which also went with our 80’s theme!

I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew is a pretty popular 80’s song with many covers of it already done- BUT Lakyn Heperi, and Australian singer, covered the song nearly 7 years ago and the first time I heard his cover I fell in love with it.

The cover is different in a way that slows down the song to a haunting desperate melody- truly beautiful. I put each side by side in my audio post to Soundcloud just to show the true difference.

For this assignment I needed both songs the original and the cover and I used the iPhone recording app to mash them.