Half and Half: Revised

So for revising assignments for this week I chose to go back to one assignment that I did not use Audacity for before, and use Audacity now.

I’m much more comfortable with Audacity now that we’ve completed the Radio Show. My group and I have lots of time and practice playing around with Audacity which helped a lot in my understanding of transitions and flow. In my previous assignment the switch back and forth only occurred once and it was choppy so my goal in revising it was to make it flow better and to change back and forth between the two a bit more.

The original assignment is here…. and below is my revision.

Radio bumper fun

For this audio assignment I created radio bumpers for my radio show!

I made a previous radio show bumper for DS106 radio and I really enjoyed the end product. I found that the radio bumper I liked the most was the type with a bit of sound or music behind my voice.

For the bumpers I created below, I also used a song in one: “Stay Flo” by Solange. I used just the very beginning of the song before she begins but I liked the sounds in this song and they were perfect to lay my voice over top of.

In creating this I first evaluated which part of the song was going to be the best for me to use. After establishing that it was the beginning, I then recorded my voice and overlaid my voice memo on top of the recording. I was able to do this all in voice memos.

For my other radio show bumped I wanted to do something a little bit more creative so I played sounds from freesound.org to mimic a phone ringing and then a voicemail memo of myself. I also included a free sound of the voicemail beep.

This was is bit more fun to produce but was a bit more work because it included the manipulation of the sound of the phone ringing as well as the voicemail beep with my message in between them.

The sounds around

For this audio assignment about relaxing sounds I decided to record the sounds around me while I sat in the UC. Sometimes I find that background noise can be quite relaxing. I recorded myself writing as well to capture the noise of my pencil on paper. This is a recording that can be looped and would not feel as if it’s too repetative because most of the noise is just noise from many many students speaking at once in the distance around me.

For this assignment I first needed a subject matter, I then knew I wanted to record writing of some type so I needed a pencil and paper. I also recorded this using my iPhone voice memos app.

Talkin like TED

For this audio assignment I spoke as if I were speaking in a TEDx Talk. This gave me some more practice with my speaking skills and learning where to pause, how to pause, and use inflection in my voice. Yet, I am also already very familiar with this because I have had many speeches during my Communication years!

Here is the assignment recording:

For this all I needed was the TED Talk transcript and the video to learn where to pause according to the speech. I recorded it using my iPhone voice memos app.

Half and Half

For this audio assignment called “going halfsies” was really fun to do considering I immediately knew what song I wanted to do which also went with our 80’s theme!

I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew is a pretty popular 80’s song with many covers of it already done- BUT Lakyn Heperi, and Australian singer, covered the song nearly 7 years ago and the first time I heard his cover I fell in love with it.

The cover is different in a way that slows down the song to a haunting desperate melody- truly beautiful. I put each side by side in my audio post to Soundcloud just to show the true difference.

For this assignment I needed both songs the original and the cover and I used the iPhone recording app to mash them.

A morning commute

For this audio sound effects story assignment I decided to take clips from Freesound to make a mash up of sounds that told the story of a morning commute.

First we have the person taking out their keys, they then lock their door behind them and begin their walk. They walk through a neighborhood with a few passing cars and a dog that barks. We can hear the birds around them. They get to the train station and get on the train to go to work.

I thought that I would do a morning commute effects story because when I commute to classes I always find that even when I’m not talking or listening to music, there are always sounds around me.

For this assignment I just needed the Freesound website and my phone. I was able to edit the sounds together on my phone using the recording app. I then uploaded it to Soundcloud!

Hum that tune (hum that tune)

For this “humming away” audio assignment I decided to hum an 80’s tune that’s quite popular in hopes of it being maybe a bit more recognizable. What I quickly realized is that A-ha has a much different vocal range than I do!

Take a listen to see if you can guess what the tune is… (the picture below might give you a hint)

You guessed right (maybe!) Its Take on Me by A-ha

How Very

“Create a voice mail message for a character in a film or tv show. Use samples, impressions, and/or music to create your message. “

Some of the most iconic slang comes from the 80’s movie Heathers. Starring Winona Ryder as Veronica, the cult classic movie tells the story of a group of popular high schoolers and the trouble (and murder) they get into over boys, gossip, and popularity. This movie has all the 80’s classic styles including poofed hair and shoulder pads.

Credit here

I was inspired particularly though by the slang and wanted to make a narrative where I could use the slang. Here in my voicemail message, I speak as one of the “Heathers” and leave Veronica a message stating that I’m curious as to why she wasn’t in History class and that J.D. (another movie character) looked out of it. I mentioned that the class was boring without her and asked why she wasn’t there. The movie itself makes a lot of jokes about serious mental health and physical health issues including suicide and bulimia. I included that I would “slit my wrists” if she didn’t call me back and make it interesting and that if she was missing class because she was bulimic again then she better tell me so that she doesn’t look skinnier than me at prom (basically to say that I would lose weight too if she is).

Credit here

I tried to give it a “valley-girl-air-head” feeling by drawing out my words. I was able just to draft what I wanted to say on paper before recording my voice on the iPhone microphone. I then uploaded that recording to Soundcloud. You can see the original assignment here, and my rendition here: