The Colors Within

“For this assignment, you will create your own unique bar code from your choice of movie. UMW’s own Zach Whalen has a image generator on his website where you can upload your movie stills to create the bar code.”

For one of my assignments I created a movie barcode. Keeping with the theme of the 80’s (but making it my own a little bit) I made one with screenshots from Bladerunner 2049. It may be obvious that this is my favorite movie- but I can’t get over how beautiful the colors are. I saw this movie in the past year and I instantly loved the color schemes but also the cinematography.  I first tried to take the screenshots and put them directly into the bar code generator. I tried a few different options but I wasn’t getting the color results that I wanted. I wanted more of a chronology by color throughout the movie. So, I figured that dealt with the order of the photos saved in my folder. I ordered the screenshots from the movie by color. This wasn’t necessary, but I thought it might be more visually appealing. After experimenting with different sizing and types, I found one that I liked the most! Mostly, I found that the neon colors, shades of purples and blues, and later oranges just looked really cool! I could recognize the movie even by seeing the bar code because of the bright colors. 

I think that 2049 brings in all the same themes and ideas that Bladerunner 2019 wanted to show but maybe didn’t have the technology to create for the movie at them time. The colors in articular give it a futuristic ethereal feel. I think out of all the movie aspects the color schemes give the movie a dystopian feeling.

What I also found difficult were the times in which the IMJ did not work fully. I would upload all of my panels but while a some showed up a few panels did not. I continued to try and play around with it until I figured out something that worked, but I had no real method of how I did it.

I liked the finish product of Blade Runner shown through the bar code the most. Because the colors stood out so clearly within the screenshot, it was easier to categorize them. Further, the transition between the colors was visually appealing and it made the bar code itself recognizable as “Blade Runner”.

The original assignment is hyperlinked HERE. Below I’ve attached just a few of the screenshots I included in the movie barcode and then the movie barcode itself!

80’s pop culture thoughts

“What do the 80s mean to today?” is a difficult question for someone who can only know the 80’s through movies music and reminents of a past they didn’t live through. Personally, my parents, like many others I’m sure, were big “80’s people” and played 80’s music through my youth. I listened to a lot of “Pump up the Jam” before I was 5. But in spite of that, or maybe because of it, I find the 80’s somewhat overdone. We always had “80’s day” for spirit week in high school and I wondered will we have 2010’s day 30 years from now? I can’t imagine high school aged kids walking around in UGG’s and yoga pants quite like I remember the neon scrunchies and leg warmers that flooded the halls before homecoming.

For me, it’s a “we get it” feeling. Every decade has it’s pop culture importance. But what I do understand, and hope to focus on, is the way we’ve begun to remake 80’s pop culture. Blade Runner 2049 comes to mind. This sequel is one of my favorite stand alone movies but I understand its impact being a sequel to such an iconic 80’s artifact like Blade Runner 2019. I think in remaking pop culture from the 80’s we can examine what we choose to emphasize and downplay and why. We can also look at the nostalgia element


Week 1 Summary

This week I’ve set up accounts on numerous social media platforms in order to use them later for projects for digital storytelling. I’ve made an Instagram and Soundcloud and previously had a YouTube account and Twitter account. I’ve posted introductions on all of them briefly stating my name major and year at UMW. In a few introductions I also stated some clubs or things that I’m involved in on campus.I felt like this weeks assignments weren’t too complicated and that I set up my accounts well. The only thing that gave me a bit of trouble was recording audio to post on Soundcloud. My microphone in my phone right now is broken so I had to use a friends phone to record the audio. I considered recording it on my computer but the iPhone voice recording app was one I was much more comfortable using. I learned that I need to become a bit more comfortable with other tools. 

I’ve also vented about my thoughts and feeling about 80’s pop culture in my blog post here!

DS Introductions

These are all my introductions across platforms!