Tubular Tunes takes video

This week I worked with part of my group from my radio show and we produced a video that analyzed a few of our favorite 80’s movie clips. I of course analyzed Bladerunner again because of my love for it, but we also looked at The Shining and Ghostbusters. I know i’ll disappoint many when I say that no, I had not watched either The Shining or Ghostbusters before and to be completely honest I probably won’t watch them in full still. Sorry, not sorry, I am who I am.

It was though, very interesting to look at some of our favorite elements of these movies and to be able to give conversational commentary as they were playing. To produce this video we actually used the Production Booth in the HCC! This was my very first time in my 4 years that I had even been in that room so it was exciting and new 🙂

I actually found the production of the video and the editing itself to be fairly easy! The only problem we had was that when we went to upload the final product it was too big to upload to Youtube without being a verified account and Vimeo required a subscription paid for for a video post at that size. So, to circumnavigate, we put the video on Google drive.

Anyone with a link can access it! Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DSoBlAxbM_ATZyUjAvyU-dI0Zi9OKcs7/view?usp=sharing

More final proj ideas

So I mentioned in my blog post about my video production that I hadn’t ever watched Ghostbusters or The Shining. Well, I really don’t have much of a plan to see Ghostbusters but I was thinking about maybe producing a reaction video to the Shining for my final. This is a hard MAYBE because I feel like I would have to watch the entire movie for this which is fine but I’m not sure about editing some 2 hours of video? If I were to do this I would set up the movie and record my reactions through the entire thing…. I don’t exactly like scary creepy movies so this would be interesting. I would then go through the footage after and talk over it in commentary style about what I was thinking while I watched.

Week 10

For this week I created a video essay which I had never done before. It took a lot of video editing but I really enjoyed the process. I didn’t realize how much I liked editing until I was actually doing it! I used my favorite scene from Bladerunner2049 and spoke about it here!

I also began to brainstorm video production for next week here.

Video Essay

For the video essay assignment I created this video analyzing a scene from my favorite movie “Bladerunner 2049.” Bladerunner 2049 is a beautiful sequal to the 80’s movie “Bladerunner 2019.”

In an attempt to not get claimed I’ve made this video “private” so you have to put in a password to watch it. The password is “ds106”

Video show!

So the plan is to work on a two week project and make a video that discusses an 80’s movie and our thoughts. This idea is very similar to the radio show group “80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About”

We’re in the brainstorming phase right now about the movie we want too look at and the particular scenes but I think once we are set on those we will easily be able to come up with topics.

I think what might work best is to not have a script. If we have a few talking points it might make for a more genuine conversation.

Week 9 Summary

For this week we tuned into the radio shows that our peers created. I really loved being able to listen to everyone work and see how each person took the assignment. I particularly interacted with the group from “80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About” on Twitter while listening to their radio show. I reviewed my thoughts about it here…

I also brainstormed some final project ideas and put them in a blog post here…

Also, I revised two previous assignments. One was a visual assignment that I revised for fun since I wanted to try using other visual editing styles. The other I actually revised because I wanted to use the skills I had enhanced while using audacity for my radio show. During this process though, one of my songs actually got copyright claimed on Soundcloud and I had to navigate around that.

And then I made a tiny story through my daily creates:

And then I commented

Daily create story

In combining my daily creates for the week I thought I would actually take the first daily create I did for the week and combine my other two answers from other daily creates into it.

For the first we have truths and lies:

Second I had my inner self…

and then I had my fridge…

So i decided to joke upon the three

Truths and a lie:

  1. I am the breeze flowing in the are carelessly swaying the leaves beneath me
  2. I need to grocery shop because no one human being can survive off of maybe 1 apple, two cartons of eggs, a lot of Silk almond milk, and a cheese drawer.
  3. I have two different color eyes.

My first truth (or partial truth) is my self image and how I sometimes feel like the breeze that I described in my second daily create. My second truth is that I need to go grocery shopping because frankly I just do and I’ve been putting it off. And my one lie is that I have two different colored eyes… I don’t.

Final proj brainstorming

I really enjoyed doing the radioshow and something that I was thinking about for the final project was that I would love to do a podcast episode with a group. BUT considering we already did something very similar with an audio focus I was thinking about what other things we could do to incorporate more skills.

Two YouTubers I watch, Ethan and Hila Klein, host H3H3 podcast on Youtube and iTunes. What they do on Youtube is similar to what Joe Rogan does and Podcast But Outside does and what I’m sure a lot of other entertainers do. They record video along with their podcast and create a show that has multiple aspects to it.

I think a final project idea like this would be awesome. It would give us recording experience as well as video experience and I think it would also be pretty fun. You could make the show 80’s related just as we did with the radio shows and it would also give people the creativity flexibility to create something they wanted!

Radio listening

I tuned in to “80’s Brain cells that you forgot about.” What I really liked about it was that the group did a more conversational/ podcast radioshow. It was super easy listening and I really liked the format of it in part because it was so different than what my group did. A lot of the members were speaking unscripted too which was so nice and genuine.

They talked through 80’s genres of movies and types of movies and I particularly like their talk about the movie “16 Candles.” I’ve never seen this movie but there are soooooooo many questionable parts of this movie that we would absolutely not see in movies today.

What was especially entertaining were the ads though. There was specifically a Kool-aid ad that was so funny to me, the background music was perfect, the tone in which each person spoke, the ad for a “beige flavor” all was so great.

I also loved having the opportunity to tweet along with the show and comment and ask questions. It was great having the radio show group on twitter to ask them questions and comment along with them.

just dance (maybe i misspoke:revised)

Revisiting this Visual assignment, instead of creating a poster based on quotes from a secret agent, I wanted instead to make a misquoted poster including 3 movies from the 80’s about dance: Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, and Footloose.

Here’s my original rendition of this assignment:

Here’s my revised poster:

Here I have a picture from Flashdance, a quote from Dirty Dancing, and a character from Footloose!