Weekly Summary 12

For this week we did mashups and remixes! Here are a little over 10 stars worth of assignments:

Here are two remixes:

here are daily creates:


For this mashup assignment I changed it a little bit. I used to always get really excited for show mashups on Nickelodeon or Disney when I was younger. The Suitelife on Deck with Hannah Montana? Amazing. The episode of Fairly Odd Parents with Jimmy Neutron? Phenomenal. I loved them.

Since they’ve put Victorious on Netflix I thought that a mashup of iCarly and Victorious would be great! Here I mixed Miranda Cosgrove into a Victorious poster.

Lemon Milk Screamo Remix

For this remix visual assignment I remixed this assignment with this parental advisory remix card.

This was actually really fun to make because I was able to mess around with edits on a picture of my brother and I. I made the saturation levels very high and I sharpened the image. I messed with a lot of different settings on the photo through using Adobe Light Room.

I also added the parental advisory label and the album title, Lemon Milk. I assumed my parents wouldn’t be too happy with my brother and I creating an explicit music album.

Weekly Summary 11

This week we produced our video project! I wrote up all my thoughts and feelings on it in this blog post:

I also thought of some more final proj ideas:

We also completed daily creates:

and commented on other peoples work:

Tubular Tunes takes video

This week I worked with part of my group from my radio show and we produced a video that analyzed a few of our favorite 80’s movie clips. I of course analyzed Bladerunner again because of my love for it, but we also looked at The Shining and Ghostbusters. I know i’ll disappoint many when I say that no, I had not watched either The Shining or Ghostbusters before and to be completely honest I probably won’t watch them in full still. Sorry, not sorry, I am who I am.

It was though, very interesting to look at some of our favorite elements of these movies and to be able to give conversational commentary as they were playing. To produce this video we actually used the Production Booth in the HCC! This was my very first time in my 4 years that I had even been in that room so it was exciting and new 🙂

I actually found the production of the video and the editing itself to be fairly easy! The only problem we had was that when we went to upload the final product it was too big to upload to Youtube without being a verified account and Vimeo required a subscription paid for for a video post at that size. So, to circumnavigate, we put the video on Google drive.

Anyone with a link can access it! Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DSoBlAxbM_ATZyUjAvyU-dI0Zi9OKcs7/view?usp=sharing

More final proj ideas

So I mentioned in my blog post about my video production that I hadn’t ever watched Ghostbusters or The Shining. Well, I really don’t have much of a plan to see Ghostbusters but I was thinking about maybe producing a reaction video to the Shining for my final. This is a hard MAYBE because I feel like I would have to watch the entire movie for this which is fine but I’m not sure about editing some 2 hours of video? If I were to do this I would set up the movie and record my reactions through the entire thing…. I don’t exactly like scary creepy movies so this would be interesting. I would then go through the footage after and talk over it in commentary style about what I was thinking while I watched.

Week 10

For this week I created a video essay which I had never done before. It took a lot of video editing but I really enjoyed the process. I didn’t realize how much I liked editing until I was actually doing it! I used my favorite scene from Bladerunner2049 and spoke about it here!

I also began to brainstorm video production for next week here.