Final weekly summary!

This week was allllll about the final. My tubular tunes group and I got together and completed a video, audio, and design project about 80’s TV shows, fashion, and historical events.

What was great about doing this project was that we continued to grow on the skills we used for the radio show and for our other video assignments. Editing was much easier this time around now that we knew what were doing a little more!

Here is the final video portion:

Here is the collage of 80’s fashion:

and here’s our audio portion:

We used the recording studio in the HCC again for this project. With this final, we did a bit extra individual work that we combined into the big final. We each found an event to talk about, a TV show to talk about, and created a section of the collage. It was fun to talk about our different thoughts on the things we chose. What was also very evident is a presentation of the same themes in what we talked about. Particularly we highlighted the theme of young, attractive, people just “having fun”. It seemed like this “having fun” theme was something that people were really looking to hold onto in the 80’s. It was fun to talk about where some of the actors, from the TV shows we looked at, are now and what fashions are coming back- like scrunchies!!

I continue to think that while video editing may not be he most difficult, it is definitely the most time consuming. Getting the video just write and cut in the right places is tricky and requires attention to detail. You also have to be aware of how you look on screen! Audio is a bit easier because that aspect isn’t there. Overall though I like I will always like design editing the most.

Thanks for tuning in!!

Final Project ideas!

For the final project my group from last week’s video project and I was wanted to make some type of reaction video. There are quite a few of them on youtube and they’re quite popular in general. It seems that audiences like reaction videos so that they can feel involved and feel as though they’re sharing experiences. We were thinking that a reaction video would also be a great way to edit audio and video and use some visual effects.

We haven’t agreed yet on what we want to do a reaction video of but we’re working on it! But we were thinking that no matter the video we decide it would be a good idea to have us all react at the same time together.

We also will probably use the video production studio because it was great last time and made us actually sit down and get to work!

Weekly Summary 12

For this week we did mashups and remixes! Here are a little over 10 stars worth of assignments:

Here are two remixes:

here are daily creates:


For this mashup assignment I changed it a little bit. I used to always get really excited for show mashups on Nickelodeon or Disney when I was younger. The Suitelife on Deck with Hannah Montana? Amazing. The episode of Fairly Odd Parents with Jimmy Neutron? Phenomenal. I loved them.

Since they’ve put Victorious on Netflix I thought that a mashup of iCarly and Victorious would be great! Here I mixed Miranda Cosgrove into a Victorious poster.

Lemon Milk Screamo Remix

For this remix visual assignment I remixed this assignment with this parental advisory remix card.

This was actually really fun to make because I was able to mess around with edits on a picture of my brother and I. I made the saturation levels very high and I sharpened the image. I messed with a lot of different settings on the photo through using Adobe Light Room.

I also added the parental advisory label and the album title, Lemon Milk. I assumed my parents wouldn’t be too happy with my brother and I creating an explicit music album.

Weekly Summary 11

This week we produced our video project! I wrote up all my thoughts and feelings on it in this blog post:

I also thought of some more final proj ideas:

We also completed daily creates:

and commented on other peoples work: