Week 7 Summary

This week we went back to doing audio assignment and having a radio focus. This really helped my group and I get a jump start on radio show material and and what we wanted to produce as well as the feel we wanted it to have. What was really cool to see this week is each of our own promotional material that we put in a shared google doc. It all had the same (and I hate to say this word but) vibe. We chose to name our radio show Tubular Tunes and other ds106 antics and I think the “Tubular Tunes” portion of our title really gave us a good feeling of what we should center our work around for the week.

What I continue to learn is that audio production is a little less my forte than say design, but I still enjoyed being able to create our own sound this week.

So! Here’s what we have, I made some…. radio promo material:

Shared my radio show progress:

Completed maybe a few more than 10 stars of assignments (I forgot I did one of them and accidentally did another assignment too oh well)

Created 3 daily creates

And commented too…

Crazy Carol’s Aerobic Class

For this audio assignment I created a fictional radio ad for Crazy Carol’s aerobic class. I used my voice as the announcer and then I also used instrumental “80’s” music (embedded below) to give it an upbeat feel.

I decided to do an aerobic class as an ad because I thought it was very 80’s and I also had the opportunity of saying that “when you sign up now you get a free VHS”

I used to watch a lot of my moms old aerobic VHS tapes like Kathy Smith and that’s really where I got this idea from.

For this assignment I had to overlay my voice and this music and I also had to think of a script. I was able to use voice memos but Audacity or Garage band would work best to really get a clear fade in fade out for the music.

Radio bumper fun

For this audio assignment I created radio bumpers for my radio show!

I made a previous radio show bumper for DS106 radio and I really enjoyed the end product. I found that the radio bumper I liked the most was the type with a bit of sound or music behind my voice.

For the bumpers I created below, I also used a song in one: “Stay Flo” by Solange. I used just the very beginning of the song before she begins but I liked the sounds in this song and they were perfect to lay my voice over top of.

In creating this I first evaluated which part of the song was going to be the best for me to use. After establishing that it was the beginning, I then recorded my voice and overlaid my voice memo on top of the recording. I was able to do this all in voice memos.

For my other radio show bumped I wanted to do something a little bit more creative so I played sounds from freesound.org to mimic a phone ringing and then a voicemail memo of myself. I also included a free sound of the voicemail beep.

This was is bit more fun to produce but was a bit more work because it included the manipulation of the sound of the phone ringing as well as the voicemail beep with my message in between them.

Radio Show Progress

So my group and I have made progress on ideas for the show, what we want to include, promotional material, and an idea of how we want the show to sound.

We’re thinking of reviewing music that sounds very 80’s and then having short discussion talking clips about what we think it sounds 80’s. So this short clip could be one of the group members particularly playing a sound effect from the song and then explaining how it sounds more 80’s than it does music now. This could be any sound that stand out to us or an affect.

We made some promotional material that fit the name of our radio show in a theme of “wavy” or “tubular” sounds. On the logo and the poster there are waves coming out of a cassette tape. On the poster we also used typewriter font and graphics that looked like tape holding the logo up on the poster.

I wrote up a blog post here about the promo material I made on Canva.com

We also created a google doc to compile all of our notes together about the radio show. Currently, we have talking topics and are making a list of songs we want to include in the radio show.

Tubular Tunes logo

For the DS106 radio show I made a logo with our name on it.

I LOVE this logo I’m so happy I made it just because it’s cute and I like the colors. We decided to call our show “tubular tunes and other ds106 antics” because we liked the word play and alliteration on top of the 80’s lingo that we used.

The waves in the back are supposed to signify music coming out of the cassette tape.

For this I used Canva.com which provided me with the wave design but I made the cassette tape using shapes on canva and also used text over top of the wave to show our title.

I also used Canva to create this promo poster for the radio show!

This will not be the only promo material we make (and I’ll continue to add to my posts with other promo material) but I really like the design of these.

The sound of cut grass on campus

For this audio assignment that makes you create a place with sounds, I chose not do make a mix of audio clips from freesounds.org but instead to make a mix of sounds from campus. Particularly, I used the sounds of campus staff members cutting grass with lawnmowers, weed wackers, and leaf blowers.

I used these sounds to give an outdoors feeling but you can also hear the start up of some of the machines which I thought was really cool.

For this assignment I took multiple sound clips of the lawnmowers and other machines on campus and made sure it was evident that they were machine noises and not just loud random sounds.

I think if I were to do this again I would try to get a few other sounds in between the leaf blower and law mowing, maybe of someone bagging leafs, to add complexity to the noise.

Weekly Summary 6

This week was all about design and design elements. I liked the week a lot because design is something I really love messing around with and I’m also comfortable with doing so.

I completed 15 stars of assignments….

I Completed 3 daily creates…

I did a blog write up about 2 design articles…

I did a DesignBlitz…

and commented on some other blogs too…

Article Reflection

This week I read the Vignelli Connection and A Kids Guide to Graphic Design.

Th Vignelli Connection mentioned syntactic consistency, clarity, and the importance of design elements to help aid the audience in understanding a piece. Design is meant to aid and to enhance the thought of something but more often now I feel like we see things used for purely aesthetic means.

The piece talks about the importance of design meaning something which I agree with is necessary. The thing though that I struggle with is that each individual is going to derive different meanings and importance to different pieces. While I could find a design element weak and unimportant, another person might completely disagree with me. Because of this how do we understand what a strong design element is?

Another theme discussed is appropriateness which I found to be interesting and important. To me appropriateness should come naturally but again to others appropriateness might be an element that they need to practice in their work. What I think is interesting to study though are the design elements that have been specifically inappropriate to elicit a response from its audience. Those I find are the most impactful designs.

The second piece reminds us that everything around us is touched by design. There has been a process to great design every element from something like our phones to our shoes to our pillows and bed and toothbrushes. We immediately think of design like art, and in some ways it is, but in others its a simpler every-day phenomenon.

I think that by teaching students about design at a younger age they will have more opportunity to pay greater attention to detail in things around them. Because design is an art form, we can get student more involved in different types of art and teach them the importance of something that be take for granted and so easily overlook.


For this design blitz I took pictures of the following:

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#designblitz use of balance

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This poster has information on both the left and rights sides of it. While I like it and I like the clip art style picture at the bottom, I think that this a a poster with a lot of information on it. It’s a bit overwhelming in addition to the highlights on some of the sentences.

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#designblitz use of unity

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I just thought this was interesting that we had three recycling bins below the recycling poster. I found that this was a good example of color unity but that it also might contradict the easiness of the poster. With three recycling bins it might confuse people who think certain recycling materials have to go in a certain bin.

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#designblitz use of form/function/message

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For this image I looked at form function and message because it’s a poster we have around the university a lot. I actually quite like it. While it has a lot of information on it, the information is presented in a useful way. On one side in red you have what can’t be recycled. On the other in green you have what can. These are all in word form so it makes it easy for the user to understand what items can and can’t be recycled. We also have pictures of what can be recycled and it is within an arrow going into the recycling bin. This is useful because it gives you a direction to follow with your eyes on the poster

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#designblitz use of typography

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This typography caught my attention because its a play on the design and the word “eco” short for eco friendly. In relating the cup to being eco friendly or made from recycled plastics they used a leaf as the “O” in eco. Its just for the aesthetic but it works nicely.

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#designblitz use of color!

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And for this picture I took it of my water bottle because I love the colors on it and how they interact with each other. The main color is cream while all the writing and the majority of the design is done in maroon. there is also white and yellow. These are all warm colors and the design is simplistic enough but the individual knows what the image presents.